Monday, March 30, 2009

Introducing D.S. Pearson

The poet is a dear friend. Godfather to my older son. Best man in my wedding.
He has been writing poetry since high school. By permission of the poet, I present to you....


morose emptiness
sometimes rendered
one's windowsill

D.S. Pearson 4-15-08
Paininting by John James Audubon


Delwyn said...

Thanks for introducing your friend and his cardinal,
happy days

willow said...

Yes! Rendered nil!

Your blog page is gorgeous!

Rowan said...

I've only ever seen photographs of cardinals but I can see they are beautiful, colourful birds which would lift the spirits of anyone who sees them.

Derrick said...

Hello FireLight,

Beautifully simple poem. There is a little red and black bird in South Africa that I always loved to see. Can't remember its name just now, so will have to go and look!

Your new look is also super!

FireLight said...

Willow & Derrick, thank you! I am learning something new everyday. It was rather dreary here, so I thought I would experiment and tidy things up a bit. My post just prior to this was a mess. I was working on a laptop that was not user friendly for formatting.
Delwyn & Rowan, stay tuned for more poems from D.S.
To all,I greatly appreciate your encouragement.

Country Girl said...

I think this poem is quite nice. Your blog looks good this way, too.

Michael said...

A simple yet structured poem about that most American of birds...I enjoyed it.

ps tea in a mug with milk please M and a modest slice of Grasmere gingerbread...he he.

Tom Atkins said...

You seem to be hitting your stride with this whole blogging thing. It has been good to see it all coming together!

Cait O'Connor said...

The poem is simply beautiful.

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