Sunday, May 31, 2009

School's Out...but Not Quite Over!

This is my number one vacation spot during the summer: my home. When school is in session, I drive 40 miles one way into the Eastern Standard Time zone, over the Chattahoochee River, and into west Georgia to get to my school.
The most interesting exterior feature is the granite rock work on the front of the house. It was shipped in from near Warm Springs, Georgia in the late 1930's. It is the only house in the neighborhood which has not had a major addition or remodeling. The other 18 homes are painted brick or red brick.

The most interesting interior feature? Hummm.....I once had a knock on my door one 23rd of December ... someone looking for work. She said she used to work in some houses on the street. Did I need any help? Boy did I ever! Upon first entering my keeping room, Lola declared,"Umphhh.....this house has ghosts.....but they are all GOOD ghosts. I can stay and help you." Indeed the house is seventy years old, so it has seen a few generations. It does have a granite fireplace and many quaint nooks and built-in shelves and corner cupboards.

This summer we will celebrate our 30th summer in Graystone Cottage. Once upon a time, summer was nearly 12 weeks long for most teachers, and even longer for students. Now it is barely 10 weeks, and a teacher may be obliged to attend classes at a university or a regional program to acquire professional learning units to maintain his or her teaching certificate. My school system offers some innovative programs which will help teachers use local resources such as county archives and museums. My first official day off was Thursday, May 28th. I celebrated by lounging around the house and drinking cups of tea, and reading and catching up on blogs I love and have missed! Tomorrow, I will begin a three day course in the west Georgia city where I teach: Heritage Education Workshop "These Walls Can Talk." My homework assignment for the first meeting is to share a photograph of my home or apartment and tell about its most interesting feature. Were I resident of Troup County, I could have chosen the topic of "What Troup County House Would I Most Like to Live In." I don't know enough about the homes to go with that one, but maybe after the three days of touring, I will have a favorite. I thought I might try this as a post to get me back on track for the summer. This way something I loathe (homework) becomes something I truly enjoy: creating a new post to share.


Maggie May said...

It is magical. Wow.

Derrick said...

Hurray, FireLight!

I hope that your course is enjoyable and flies by so you can get back to the serious business of chilling out at home! And what a lovely home it looks. We see granite used quite a bit over here. Our last house was built from it, in 1895. A very solid structure.

Gaston Studio said...

Lucky you that your house hasn't been altered! Enjoy your touring and share some of the photos and thoughts with us... please.

willow said...

Graystone Cottage is so very charming. I'm so happy to hear you've been there 30 years. It's the perfect spot for you!

Michael said...

I love the stonework M and the sympathetic paintwork. My last home was 60 years old, and it took blood, sweat, tears and a large wedge of dosh to 'demodernise' it. Did you sense huge irony in the word demodernise....?
Well done to you and the Colonel....what goes around comes around..did I get that right?
Toodle pip for now.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Graystone Cottage - lovely name and beautiful home; you're so blessed!

Rowan said...

Your house is lovely - a good place to enjoy summer. Your course sounds interesting which isn't often the case with work-related things. Just the sort of assignment I'denjoy doing too.

Tom Atkins said...

I enjoyed seeing your home - I love old places. They have stories and charm new homes can't match.

Cait O'Connor said...

Your house is really beautiful, I can see why you want to spend holidays there. (lovely stonework too)

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