Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary to my #1 and his love!

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary
September 29, 2007
Lisa & Cameron
on the way to their wedding reception
...looking in the same direction...
Much love from Graystone Cottage!


willow said...

What a handsome couple! Happy Anniversary!!

PhilipH said...

I mean this in a nice way: he does look very serious, determined and almost fierce in this photo. Or is it just my cock-eyed way of seeing things?

Happy 2nd Anniversary (Cotton, I believe?)

Our 51st was in July this year! Golden+1

Michael said...

Happy anniversary to Cameron & Lisa...I love unposed photos, especially at weddings and christenings.
Tell your 'car guys' that the car on the left is a Ford Anglia 105E and the other car is a Singer Vogue...plenty of info on the interweb..laughing.
My first car was a second hand Anglia and saw me through my student days...and taught me a lot about car mechanics too.
Stay well Marnie.

FireLight said...

Willow, it was a long awaited event...and just the the most joyous day! #1 almost had me convinced he would always be single!

Phillip, my first born son is fierce in his loyalty to family, friends, and country...and certainly to be a happy person. He decided in hgh school that his motto would be, "No regrets!"

Michael, we had it right on the Anglia, but the Singer had us stumped!
Our photographers, a married couple, did capture some lovely images of the sights and colors and moods of the day.
The header is a close up of the floral decorations hanging in the windows of the chapel and were designed and made by the bride's sister-in-law.

Derrick said...

Hello FireLight,

You have a family month with this anniversary and 'pumpkin's' birthday coming up! I'm sure you'll enjoy it all.

Thanks for commenting on my 'treasure' post. Glad your student picked up on the news and you were able to read all about it. Great that it was appropriate for your recent language topic too. Now, what anglo-saxon literature ought I to have read?!

Lyn said...

It's never too late to wish happiness..so be it!!
Beautiful photo!

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