Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tea in Aspen? What to wear? Oleana, of course!

Oleana Ensemble #1

Firelight's Choice
Oleana Ensemble #2 - I love the touch of lace and the headband with taffeta!

This number is mine! I will be wearing this to
Mr. Toast's First Annual Christmas Tea
(click on link in my siderbar)
on Tuesday December 1st!
The fact that I have lived in Alabama all of my life does not change that I absolutely love winter and winter clothes! Maybe it is because I was born on a frosty morn in January. So with this opportunity to visit Aspen, Colorado, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear!
I have always admired the gorgeous Oleana of Norway outfits which feature beautifully designed sweaters, wristlets, headbands, ruffled taffeta collars, and taffeta skirts.
If you are interested in learning more, click on the title of this post!
Ladies, for those of you who have not had time to shop, just tell me which of the following ensembles you would like, and I will put your name under the photo! Now which one are you wearing to tea? I don't mind if some of you choose the same one, or if someone wants to wear the one I have chosen! The more, the merrier ....and more glamorous! Trust me, I had a hard time deciding, but the tiny ruffle of lace around the neck of this sweater won me over. The skirts are long tea length. They look beautiful with suede or velvet slippers or even dressy boots.
Also, as you can see, they make the wearer look so very young and beautiful--just an added little bit of Norwegian Magic! I really would love to have a winter closet full of these clothes!

Oleana Ensemble #3

Oleana Ensemble #4

Oleana Ensemble #5

Oleana Ensemble #6

Thank you, Mr. Toast, for hosting this much anticipated flight of fancy! I am in much need of it and know it will become a fabulous tradition!
It is indeed, my cup of tea!


...mmm... said...

Firelight, I'm so glad you have my Xmas tea to look forward to, in light of all the heartache you and your family have been going through.

Reading this post most definitely helps build the anticipation. I am going to add it to the very top of my next post I will be doing today on what to expect at the tea, on choosing one's wardrobe, etc, etc.

I have to say I absolutely ADORE the Oleana. Not familiar with that but wow, how incredibly cozy and yes, that Norweigan magic is gogin to make you sparkle beatifully. I can't wait to meet you and show off your fabulous ensemble to al the guests.

This was so fun to read...and prefect for Aspen. Charming, completely charming. I'm looking forward to seeing (and trying) your gingerbread too.

willow said...

You have fabulous fashion sense, daaaaling!!! I must hop to and shop for just the perfect emsemble for the much anticipated Toast's Tea! Ta-ta! See you there~!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am so glad I found the invite to the Christmas tea in time. I love your outfits. I am not much into the latest style, may need something with boots and hood from my neck of the woods but will be there with bells on. Blessings

Betsy said...

Oooh...lovely! See you there!

Rowe said...

That is a gorgeous outfit, indeed. Excellent choice! See you at the tea, and lovely to meet you through our dear friend, Mr Toast.

Bee's Blog said...

Oh what exquisite outfits you have chosen.

Chemin des Muguets said...

So many choices! Let me think...

See you at the tea,


Jen Chandler said...

Lovely ensemble you've chosen! I've got my gown packed and ready to go! I'll see you at the tea :)


Michael said...

Tres chic M...not Norwegian, but the nearest I can get........arf. Hope you had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

I love winter in general, and that includes the clothes. Yes, I was born on a full moon during a snow storm in the northeast in March. I love cold and snow -- especially if I'm curled up inside by a fireplace with a good book and a nice glass of wine!

Sounds like you're having fun in Aspen -- enjoy.

I wish I was a better knitter, so I could make some of these things. I can sew, I can crochet, but I'm a mediocre knitter.

Barry said...

Just checking for tea cups after the party. I enjoyed meeting you.

Lizzie said...

Your attire is quite lovely! So glad you could make it.

Mr. Toast has posted a new announcement for "Ahhhfter Tea". Won't you come join us for some songs?

Baino said...

Who would have thought Norway was the bastion of fashion. Very pretty outfits but sadly not suited to my expanded waistline! I'll just turn up in a Drizabone and an Akubra heheh! Riding a kangaroo of course and weilding a bullwhip.

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