Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If on a Winter's Night: Best Gift of 2009!

In my last post, I sent you each my favorite card, and now, unwrap your gift! ( Be sure to go to Full Screen & turn up the volume!) This new offering by Sting was not only the best gift I received -- from the Colonel -- naturally, but it has been my favorite one to give others. I have been playing it since the middle of November and love it more and more.

If you you are a winter soul as I am, this one is for you.


Rowan said...

This was among the gifts I received too. It's a beautiful album isn't it?

Gaston Studio said...

Just great...thanks for sharing it!1

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Beautiful header! I didn't realize George C. Scott played Scrooge; I met him when he was in Tazewell County doing a movie in 1995.
In the Bleak Midwinter is my favorite poem and beautifully set to music.

FireLight said...

Rowan, yes it is beautiful. Every carol is sung with great heart and insight. My favorite track is "Soul Cake" which makes me want to dance!

Gaston Studios, so glad you stopped by and listened to Sting discuss his work.

Thistle Cove, all credit goes to Robert Duncan of Park City, Utah, for several recent and my current header. My niece is out there for Christmas, and I hope she has a chance to visit his gallery and to meet him.

maggie's garden said...

My heart sings when listening to this CD...a gift to myself this year. It's fabulous! Another of my faves is Joshua Bell at Home with Friends CD. Sting was featured on CBS Sunday Morning Show recently, and I was so taken by his candidness. He has real class, and sexy too! Thanks for the treat. And I agree with Thistle...your header is outstanding.
Happy New Year

willow said...

Yes, I'm most definitely a winter soul. I must add this one to my collection. Thanks for the recommend!

The wintry pic of you on your sidebar is so beautiful!

FireLight said...

Maggie, I really adore Joshua Bell. I need to find this CD, and I WILL! So glad you stopped by!
Willow, YOU....a winter soul?? How would I have known that {big smile}? Woolly socks and Zhivago hats, etc! I watched The Man Who came to Dinner on TMC a few days ago...and thought of your post on Monty! Have you seen the PBS American Masters Series on Louisa May Alcott? It was super...aired here in Alabama last night!
Thanks, my dear, not a recent picture, but it does look festive...and that's my dear old sweetheart, Fritz.

Terresa said...

What a lovely blog you have! I happen to love Sting, too.

Stop by my blog anytime to share a chocolate chip waffle!

Rebecca said...

Oh...Don't get me started on how much I love this man's music:)...He is sublime...Do you also have "Songs from the Labyrinth"( his homage to John Dowland)? I adore that CD...One of my favorites.

Rebecca said...

I checked my inbox and bulk mail folder but didn't see the e-card that you sent. I'll keep an eye out for it and let you know when it comes.

Thank you!

FireLight said...

Well...I thought I sent you one...let me check!
Glad you came by!

FireLight said...

Yes, I do have Songs from the Labryinth! So wonderful for winter musings!

Jen Chandler said...

Thank you for this, Firelight! I love Sting. I've been wanting this album ever since I saw it. Hmmm...new year's gift me thinks :)

I am such a winter soul. I'm the only person I know who loves winter.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Here's to a blessed and joyous new year.

Poetikat said...

Thanks for the direction here, Firelight.
I have always loved Sting's rendition of "Gabriel's Message" and this recording sounds like a wonderful collection of other pieces.
Loved the video too. I have a dvd of his concert from the "Brand New Day" tour. I haven't watched it in a while (must do that again).
Interesting the reworkings of some of his favourites here. I will definitely pick it up!


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