Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sepia Saturday #3: Part Two


Two weeks ago, I shared the story of a a fur coat that my mother made for my sister Anita. I could remember that there were other photos and had hoped to find one of her in the coat with matching bonnet and muff. What I did find was almost as good as Anita herself was such a doll!


This is the Patty Play Pal which Santa brought to our house for the Christmas of 1959. She was actually for my sister Sue. This was the year of the 36" tall toddler dolls. I received a boy - Sandy McCall - dressed as a preppy school boy! Sue and I took the two them out for photos. My mom said, "Well, Peggy (Sue had re-named her) needs a coat!" So we bundled her up and took her outside for photos! These pictures really show more of the details of the coat. As the doll wears a child's 2T, this tells me that the coat must have been about a size 3 to 4. A close look reveals that the sleeves were a bit long and covered the doll's hands. It is a bit big through the shoulders, but Peggy did't seem to mind!

A few years before she died, my sister gave me her doll. There is a story behind this, but "Peggy" was really supposed to be for me. Sue was the cowgirl and not interested dolls. As I explained in a response on the previous post, the darling coat was ruined by mildew. My mother had it stored in a freezer kept in our garage. The freezer failed. When it was discovered, the damage was already done. However, finding these photos did confirm the fact that it would have been lost less than two years before Anita's daughter was born. When Nancy arrived, it was as if I had a living doll to play with. I have always been saddened that I did not get to dress her up in the coat!

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Alan Burnett said...

What a wonderful story about the coat and the doll. Thanks for sharing it on Sepia Saturday.

willow said...

Hi, I'm back and got in fine this time. Guess Blogger ate my last comment. You're right, Anita is a doll! I wondered about the little fur coat and if you still had it. Sad about the freezer epidsode. My daughter had one of those life sized 36" dolls. So fun to dress in "real" clothes. Enjoy that rare blanket of snow down there! xx

Betsy said...

So sorry about the freezer and the coat. Lovely add such a richness to Sepia Saturday!

And, Firelight....thank you so much for your sweet comments to me today. It means so much! :) xo

Poetikat said...

What a find! Dolls generally give me the willies - especially life-sized ones, but I have to admit she's pretty cute in her goat-coat. So sad it was damaged in the faulty freezer.

Leah said...

I'm so glad to see more of that incredible coat! Very sweet post.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Thanks for joining in the sepia Saturday fun. I've enjoyed checking out all the entries.

Patty looks so graceful and warm. Great photos and story.

tony said...

She's A Real Doll! The Look Of Doris Day?

Stephanie said...

Oh I love that doll. And the fur coat is fab.

L. D. Burgus said...

First I am sorry you lost your sister. It is an interesting memory how children were treated when given things. The doll must be a collectible but it is a treasure for you.

Rowan said...

That's such a nice story about the doll, what a pity the coat was lost, the whole outfit is really beautiful, your mum must have been very talented at dressmaking. What a pity that little girls don't wear this kind of outfit any more.

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