Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sepia Saturday: Nap & The Little Colonel

Nap & The Little Colonel
True, Easter is the Holiest of days in the church calendar, but what would it be without all the darling toddlers wearing their adorable little clothes, balancing baskets of Easter eggs, and hugging their new stuffed toys? For today's Sepia Saturday, I offer this cherished image of my husband and his much loved Nap. My mother-in-law gave me this photo during the year that he served in Vietnam. It was taken and processed and developed by his father who was by profession a medical photographer. My best guess is that the photo was taken on Easter of 1947. The Colonel would have been three years old. He was actually born on Easter Sunday of 1944. Imagine the combination of joy and uncertainty at the birth of a first born child just two months before D-Day! Most assuredly, it was the joy that prevailed. And yes, we still have Nap. He is safely stowed away in a cedar chest, but usually appears on Easter mornings wearing a new pale blue ribbon tied in a big bow around his neck.
May Christ's love and sacrifice and the Miracle of the Resurrection
prevail in your spirit this Easter tide.


Barbara said...

What a handsome little boy. He looks like a model. How wonderful that you still have Nap!

Derrick said...

Hello FireLight,

Memories are made of this! Thank you too for the beautiful Easter card. A Happy Easter to all at Graystone Cottage. Love the new look!

Alaine said...

Here I was, totally absorbed in your lovely story and didn't notice the new look until Derrick mentioned it! Very nice!!

I still have my Son's little white lamb and he's 45 in July! Can't throw it out.

The Colonel was, indeed, a handsome little boy.

Trust you're enjoying a peaceful Easter break. ♥a

Virginia said...

Well that 's the dearest photo and I love Nap now too! Thank you for you sweet wishes on my blog and the very same to you and your precious family. We need another gatherin' sistah!

willow said...

What a priceless photo! I think your Cuyler looks a lot like the Colonel. Wonderful Easter post, FireLight!

L. D. Burgus said...

What a neat photo and story. I am so glad that you have nap still today.

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