Monday, August 2, 2010

Arabian Tails & Breakfast Cereal

A few posts back, I shared some photos of my trip to Tennessee. We were there to attend a wedding. Adding to the delight of this event, we stayed in a restored cabin, and visited with several beloved cousins, one of whom raises and pampers Arabians in her spare time.

My trip to Pulaski would not be complete without a stop along Sorgham Hollow Road to say hello to my cousin Melody and her horses. This is the landscape of my childhood summers now made even more beautiful by the antics of this frolicking family swishing their tails, prancing, and playing to the camera!

These decided to keep busy searching for sweet grasses...

while this sweetheart came to say hello.

Then everyone wanted to be at the same place at once!

"This is my good side...take the picture, ok?"

As is often the case, today I set out to do a bit of reading on this ancient breed and stumbled onto a fascinating connection between the Arabian horse and Kellogg cereal! In the early 1920's W. K. Kellogg established a horse farm in Pamona, California as a retreat for himself and his family from Michigan and as a place to raise Arabian horses. He would go on to make it a gift to the state of California and to establish a library at Cal Poly in Pamona devoted to the Arabian horse. Click here to explore this story. I highly recommend the 1995 Founder's Day Highlights video and the 1932 audio featuring Will Rogers as master of ceremonies for the presentation of this historic property to the state!

If you just want to read up on the breed click here! For the WikiPedia scoop, click here!

To visit the W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library click here!

And by the way, Melody told me she may be planning to sell some of these darlings!
Now that is just about as commercial as I will ever get in the blogosphere!
Speaking of commercial, which Kellogg cereal is/was your favorite?
I am a Kellogg Rice Krispies kind of kid! Snap, Crackle, Pop....
with strawberries & blueberries & cold, cold, milk in the summer time!


willow said...

My, aren't these beauties! Are you planning on buying one for your very own, FireLight? I love the quote from the Bedouin legend in your header!

FireLight said...

Oh how I wish! But who knows? I would be more likely to adopt one the Fresian mares from Canada that have to be retired after a set number of years of producing Premarin. I think the limit is four years. There is a farm near my school that has a few of them.

Foxglove Spires said...

These horses are beautiful, my daughter would love, love , love to own one.

Very interesting connection with kellogg its amazing what you can find out with a bit of research, Thank you.

Derrick said...

Hi FireLight,

Although these look lovely, horses, as you know, aren't on my favourites list. But cereals! - Used to be Rice Krispies and Frosties, Quaker Oats and Sugar Puffs, Weetabix and Ready Brek. Now it's Bran Flakes and muesli!

Aven said...

Oh, what great pictures. My mom has a sorrel gelding that's a twin to the one in these pictures. You know, we always had Arabians, with the exception of one Spanish Mustang.

BTW, I watched Firelight the other night (finally bit the bullet and got my own Netflix). I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the recommendation.

Virginia said...

Oh these photos are just wonderful. I want to photograph some horses around here. Haven't found a place yet. I"m not an "easy rider". Truth be known, I'm scared of "em! I think I'd like to photograph them. We'll see .

FireLight said...

You need to visit the vet school!

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