Sunday, April 8, 2012

Past Loves

Chelsea 1987 - 95
Every time I drive past the turn off to a little winding road off  Highway 280 on my trips to Birmingham, my mind goes back to the time I drove to a warm country home and found this runt of the litter who stole into my heart...and never left. She was a darling, very small for an English Springer Spaniel, and a Walt Disney sort of pup. 
Thank you Cameron, for this portrait of our Chelsea Puddin' .


PhilipH said...

Gorgeous beauty! Just lovely.

Rebecca said...

What a darling! Spaniels are so special. My father is a Ruffed Grouse hunter so we always had Brittany Spaniels and English Spaniels. Love those dogs!

FireLight said...

Thank you for stopping by, Rebecca! I am so glad you are reviving the Tea Society! Bravo!

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