Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Just Checking In.....Hello, World!

Well, gosh darn and boy has been a long time since I have been here! You know what, I got busy living and traveling. Then, my blog mentor left the country, though she is keeping us all posted on Facebook. It was just this time of year, ten years ago, when I tumbled along the internet highway looking for a certain water colorist when I stopped for my first visit to Tess Kincaid's blog...and... it just happened to be a very extraordinary place. After being totally enchanted by Willow Manor for a few weeks, I decided to try my hand. So, by way of updating you, here are some images.

 Citrus in the California kitchen of dear friends John & Chuck 

 Clover keeping watch...she is the newest resident here at the cottage

 Self portrait or glorified selfie

 January in Monterey...magical double rainbow

Yosemite falls ...June 2016

 Gulf coast sunset near Seaside, FL

 Mineral King Valley, in  Kings Canyon, CA

 Spence Cottage, 2015, our home for a week near Chichester, England

American Cream horses in Williamsburg, VA


~T~ said...

It looks like you've been taking some nice trips. Glad you're still adventuring!

Firelight said...

And win the prize of finding this post. I did not expect to hear from anyone!

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