Sunday, January 24, 2010

"I Say That He's Bonnie!"

The Monarch of the Glen


Scottish poet, Robert Burns

"We'll tak a cup of kindness" and say Happy Birthday, Rabbie!

January 25th, 1759

" Comin' Thro' the Rye"

I just had to have a song by Bobbie Burns for today. I think you will enjoy Eddi Reader. She has performed many of the Burns songs during her career. I find this performance fresh yet still true to the spirit of the lyrics.

Since I had a portrait of Burns up for New Year's Eve, I offer something even more Scottish: Sir Edwin Landseer's famous Monarch of the Glen.

And if that isn't enough to have you craving shortbread and a tartan cloak, for all my buddies who love the film, here are the lyrics of the song...

I Know Where I'm Going

I know where I'm going

And I know who's going with me

I know who I love

And my dear knows who I'll marry.

I have stockings of silk

And shoes of bright green leather
Combs to buckle my hair

And a ring for every finger.

O' feather beds are soft

And painted rooms are bonnie

But I would give them all

For my handsome winsome Johnny.

Some say that he's poor

But I say that he's bonnie

Fairest of them all

Is my handsome winsome Johnny.

Hope this was a wee bit of cheer. Bonnie day to ya!


Rowan said...

I hadn't realised it was Burns Night until I saw your post. Not being Scottish it hasn't ever been part of my year. I love Monarch of the Glen, Landseer was a brilliant animal painter and did some lovely landscapes too..

Gaston Studio said...

An awesome painting and song.

Derrick said...

Hello FireLight,

Not what one might call a traditional rendering from Ms Reader but a definite foot-tapper! Have an extra portion of haggis for me!

Betsy said...

What a lovely way to start my morning, Firelight! Thank you!

FireLight said...

Rowan, indeed, he was brilliant. I think he was an official painter for Queen Victoria. Also, his portraits of the black and white Newfoundland gave it the name Landseer!

Gaston, so goood to see you stop by!

Derrick, you are so particular {wink}. If you want a serious rock version, look for a YouTube clip by a group called the Real McKenzies. Whoa! No, Eddi's is not exactly traditional, which I always enjoy, but I like her style!

Betsy, I am glad you enjoyed this!

willow said...

Happy Burns Night! Gosh, it's way too late to pop in "I Know Where I'm Going". But I must tomorrow. Thanks, dear friend!

MuseSwings said...

Ah! tis a bonnie post to be sure! I was singing the song as I read the lyrics - haven't heard it in 30 years. I think the Serendipity Singers - among several folk groups - recorded it.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Hi Firelight..and thanks for stopping by to visit at were right..i did lose my mom...but it was summer of 2006..i can't beleive really seems like yesterday..standing there in the hospital...four just doesn't seem was pancreatic cancer...horrible...

thank you for the kind words and good means're a dear..and YES ! Springtime and tulips none too soon....

more later, my friend,

Rebecca said...

...I'm a few days late but my how I love this post...This makes me want to watch the BBC's "Monarch of the Glen" series for the 3rd time. I love that ..Ah, to be at "Glenbogle" with that cast of quirky characters:)...

Barry said...

I can't believe I did nothing for Burns Day this year.

Well, at least I got to enjoy it here!

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