Monday, January 4, 2010

Water & Woods & Winter

On New Year's Day my younger son and I drove from Auburn to the southwest Georgia pine plantation owned and meticulously managed by a life long friend and her husband. It is a beautiful drive through miles of cotton fields, pecan orchards, and quaint Southern towns like Parrot and nearby Plains. We arrived just after two with a big pot of chili and cornbread, so my son served as the First Footer at the house! (If you go to the link, view the entire card or choose "skip to end" then click on New Year's Customs.) No, he did not carry in coals or a yule log, but plenty of food and smiles! And since he had not met the man of the house, he filled the bill of tall, dark stranger! The cold weather was beginning to set in. After enjoying the soup, we had a quick ride around the property to feed the catfish and watch for deer slipping out to feed in one of the many food plots planted in oats. The catfish weren't shy, plenty of "whiskers and lips" appeared on the water's surface. However, the deer were more elusive, and we just managed to catch a glimpse of a few white tails retreating into the trees. Had we been willing to brave the cold, there were numerous observation stands where we might have held a vigil, but the warmth of the wood panelled custom home was much too appealing after just over an hour of braving the wind and cold. Next morning, I was a up and outdoors to catch the sunrise (above) on the horizon. Click on any photo to enlarge, especially the hay rake!

Turning behind me to the west I could still see the moon in the morning sky!

Parked near the drive is this charming old hay rake complemented by a fading rose bush.
I love the glowing morning light in this image. I took several photos here which will be worthy of a single post. The hay rake is possibly from the early 1900's and would have been horse drawn.

Here is a close up of the primary tree at Newman Plantation: long leaf pine.

Across the large fish pond, a thriving stand of long leaf.

These folks really like to spoil their outdoor pets: Oats, my deers?

Deeper into the woods is Warrior Creek, overflowing its banks. Even with the barren trees of winter, it is easy to see the results of the life giving rain and its waters. This is a beautiful sight after nearly three years of drought.

My header is another image from this water, woods, and winter 2010!



willow said...

Your photos and descriptions transported me down there, as well. They bring to mind "The Yearling". So lovely.

I especially liked all the "whiskers and lips"!

Jen Chandler said...

This is beautiful! I didn't know you were in Georgia. I'm about 30 minutes south east of Atlanta. The pines are beautiful. I used to not like them when I was a kid, just because they were (and are) everywhere. But I've grown to love them. Tall, slender, elegant, and evergreen.

Happy Monday,

FireLight said...

Willow, I am just now trying to get a photo in the sidebar of a set of watery whiskers & lips!
The catfish were huge! This place is about 65 miles northeast of the Florida panhandle! Not far from Yearling country!
Jen, I am actually in Alabama, work in Goergia, and visited Colquitt County for this trip!

Electricwitch said...

What stunning pics they really appealed to a winter spirit like myself.


willow said...

Love your handsome first footer. And your pic of the whiskers and lips is amazing.

I'm adding The Dead to my Netflix que immediately. I have Ulysses on order from the library. I'm in the mood for a great epic.

FireLight said...

Trust me, Miss Willow, it is your kind of movie.

Betsy said...

I love that catfish picture on the fun to feed them! And the new header picture is just beautiful! What a cozy post...loved it!

Delwyn said...

Hello Firelight

I loved your post, seeing images of places I may never visit. Thankyou for the beautifully captured glimpses ofGeorgia and also for your friendship this past year.
Happy days

Tom Atkins said...

All the shots were nice, but that first one with the dramatic treeline, was wonderful!

Derrick said...

Hello FireLight,

First, let me say how nice it looksa round here with the new header and everything. Forgot to say that earlier! Glad you enjoyed your trip. The photos are great; especially the hay rake. I enjoyed viewing the card too.

Jen Chandler said...

I was just curious. I've been meeting more and more people in Georgia and the surrounding areas lately :)

Happy Tuesday,

Janelle Goodwin said...

Thank you for taking us along on your trip. What a beautiful, special place. I can imagine it would be a great place to paint!

Electricwitch said...

Hi thanks for the recomendation just bought the sting album and I love it. Electricwitch.

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