Monday, June 28, 2010

Have You Seen This Plate? OR .......................The Dog We Left Behind

This darling dog was the resident canine companion of Clock Creek Cabin where we stayed during the weekend of May 22 for cousin Rebecca's wedding. He adorned the wall of the bathroom, and we so wanted to take him home with us. The owner of Lairdland Farms and this charming, restored log cabin says he is not ready to part with the pup. Alas, I will just have to book another stay to see those beautiful, begging eyes again. Meanwhile, I am looking for this plate. There was no information on the back, other than the fact that is was designed with a notch so as to hang it on the wall. I will say that it seemed to be somewhat old.
Of course, there were many other wonderful features at the cabin.

Just out of sight is a much needed step stool to climb into this comfy bed.

Gorgeous old pine floors and period furniture made for an authentic restoration of the cabin. I enjoyed reading historic books all about the town of Pulaski in Giles County, Tennessee, where I spent many of my childhood summers. On a nearby 600 acre farm, I passed many a day cavorting with beloved cousins Larry, Gary, and Melody. We swam in ponds like the one near this cabin, rode tractors, got lost in cornfields, looked for crayfish and swam some more in Buchanan Creek, and climbed high up into the hills and pastures where we all had to take turns being Davy Crockett on a given day!

The upstairs loft featured these twins bed across from another queen sized bed, making plenty of room for our son and his family to join us.

The cabin was set near a meadow and a cold water spring.
Just plain peaceful. (Click on any photo to enlarge.)

If you look across the meadow, you can just see the top of the spring fed pond. In the early evening this was the stage for a most spectacular lightning bug display. Well, that is what we call them in the Deep South, but I also love "fireflies." One look at the glowing dancers over the tops of these grasses, and the existence of the fairy folk seems a certainty.

A place for meditation be you a mortal or a spirit...

A view from the hillside...

The side porch where we sat and watched the lightning bug ball.

Goodbye, Clock Creek. We will be back again, Mr. Blackburn.


willow said...

A real log cabin! How fun is that? It's so charming. I'll keep an eye out for the wonderful doggy plate. I'm sure you already checked eBay?

FireLight said...

Yes, I did. The search DOG PLATE yielded over 5,000 items. I narrowed a bit, with VINTAGE, ANTIQUE, & COLLECTIBLE...but no sign of this sweetheart! I even found a business online which specializes in antique and vintage dog art. I have written to them and sent the picture. If you find it, I am driving up there!!!

Alan Burnett said...

It looks idyllic - just as I would imagine. As for the dog plate - I will keep my eyes open.

FireLight said...

Alan, idyllic is the right word. Thanks for keeping those eyes open!

Derrick said...

Hello FireLight,

This is what you Americans seem to do so well; creating a welcoming, hospitality environment. I'm glad you had such a good time and hope you find your doggie plate!

FireLight said...

Well, Derrick, there really is such a thing as Southern Hospitalitly. The cabin is advertised under Bed & Breakfasts, and even though it has a complete kitchen, the host provided homemade biscuits filled with country ham for our breakfast each morning. Yum!

Lyn said...

What a daydream this place if no dust could ever settle..serene..lovely! Will give a shout out if I spot the plate!!

Rowan said...

I thought I'd already commented on this post - bet I forgot to do the word verification! It looks a really beautiful place, I'd love to spend some time sitting out on that porch. The interior looks lovely and I like the dog plate too, he has a lovely face, hope you eventually find one

Nana Jo said...

What a gorgeous dreaming-place!

The dog on the plate reminds me rather of Nana, the faithful dog in Peter Pan. You might find this address useful in your research:

They have an email address at the bottom. Perhaps they could shed some light on the origin of that lovely plate.

Cait O'Connor said...

Wow, I would love to go there, it brings back soul memories.

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