Friday, June 18, 2010

Let It Be, Birthday Boy!

Today is Sir Paul's birthday, born in 1942. Thank goodness for Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac to keep me up to date on the Fab 4! Have I ever told you, dear readers, that I had the great good fortune to see the Beatles three times? Also, I did get to see Sir Paul at Phillips Arena in Atlanta about five years ago. Hum, I will have to check that date.

Look into these eyes...Is it any wonder so many were in love with Paul? And the spell of his music is still evident all around us. Last month I attended the wedding of a cousin in Tennessee. Her father, Gary, would have been just a little older than I am. He and I were great pals during the sixties and were great Beatles fans. He died in 1998 when his baby girl, the bride, was in the fifth grade. As I sat in the church, getting teary, anticipating the traditional notes for the entrance of the bride, I was wondering if an uncle or a grandfather would be giving Rebecca away. The doors of the church opened; the sunlight of late afternoon flooded the small chapel illuminating the lone bride. Everyone stood up for her. The warm sounds of the organ poured out a familiar melody, and "Let It Be" escorted her to the alter. Thank you , Sir Paul.


willow said...

Paul McCartney was my first big crush when I was seven. In fact, I almost post his Little Willow song this week. I had no idea it was his birthday. Goes to show you should always go with your hunches. Happy Birthday, Sir Paul!!

Love your fresh new blog look!!

(I woke up with "girl in pink on a milk white horse" running through my head)

FireLight said...

Yes, I know the feeling. That melody does stick in the memory...but I love it! As for the blog...I have this by accident...I was "trying on" a new design or two..things sort of froze up...I had to log off...and Ta Dah! I guess this makes me the Accidental Blogger of the day!

maggie's garden said...

I too love Paul...and always have. I have a great respect for the man he has become today. He's the founder of Meatless Mondays movement. I think being married to Linda inspired this. He's still handsome...isn't he.
You were very fortunate to see him so many times. We once new the Beatles were staying in a hotel near our home when I was a teen. We tried to scale the building...up 7 floors to see them. Crazy....
Thanks for sharing the photos of him.

Rowan said...

I never more than 'quite liked' the Beatles, was more of a Stones fan musically but I admire Paul McCartney for keeping a level head through all these years, he's grown old gracefully and done a lot of good along the way. George was always my favourite though - and my favourite songs were 'Get Back' and 'I'll Get By with a Little Help From My Friends'.
Rebecca's wedding sounds lovely - that must have been quite an entrance.

Derrick said...

Hello FireLight,

It is good in so many ways that we are no longer hidebound in musical choices for weddings and funerals and I'm sure that made your cousin's day that much more special. I have always liked the Beatles ballad-style songs rather than the rock. I was not really a child of the sixties musically!!

R. J. said...

The Beatles invaded our shores during my college years and I'm still wild about them. I listen to them on my playlist for the gym and the energy of their songs keep me "on track." I love the picture of the pergola on your heading.

Nana Jo said...

Gorgeous post. That must have been such a poignant moment as your niece walked down the aisle to a tune that was a part of the she father loved and lost.

I was in love with Paul as a little girl, too. He's aging like a fine wine! Why is it that men often age so much more gracefully than women? Just saying!

FireLight said...

Alaine, I am just testing the comment box. Thanks for the heads up!

willow said...

Next week's wickedly willow song must be his wonderful "Little Willow" stay tuned.

(test...test...this is only a test...heehee)

willow said...

Posted smooth as silk, FireLight, my friend. :)

cassandra said...

I'm so jelous three time you got to see the Beatles! Your such a lucky person! What is your favorite song by them?

alaine@éclectique said...

You were so lucky to see them perform; the closest I got to a star was the front row of a Fabian concert....remember him?

Paul was such a romantic; I loved his songs, particularly Michelle and the French bit - Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble - these are words that go together well.

'Let it Be'; a happy choice by the bride and groom.

P.S. I changed my browser to Chrome!

FireLight said...

Maggie, hey that was pretty darn close! Proud of you for trying!

Derrick, ballad style is a good way of describing many Beatles songs. Have you ever tried to list the many character names found in their songs? There are so many...I gave up!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by here!
R.J., we never get tired of the Beatles here.

Nana Jo, I always blame everything on hormones...but then Paul was just plain pretty to begin with....wasn't he?

Willow, thanks for the test.

Cassie, just think how you would be if you had seen the beatles in the 60's!

Alaine, well maybe it is just taking things longer to post from all your cold weather Down Under! Taaaa's the long lost post!

Rebecca said...

"Let it Be" for the Entrance and "When I'm 64" for the recessional. And just in case you had any reservations about my choice in a mate...David is a HUGE Beatles fan. That just demonstrates good taste.

And, the ribbon surrounding my bouquet was tied with my mother's bridal veil that she wore when she married Daddy.

FireLight said...

Thank you so much for adding these personal and very precious details!
Love you, Kiddo!

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