Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Heisman Touch

Behold, the 1899 Auburn University football squad. This portrait was taken on the steps of Samford Hall when the school was known as Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API). Zoom in on the football and you can see the date inscribed there. (Click once and then again on the photo to enlarge.) Study the face, third row in the top left corner. He has the mustache:
You are looking at Coach John W. Heisman, and I must say we are feeling his legacy here in Auburn. I just wanted to say, " Good luck, Cameron Newton in the quest to become
Auburn's FOURTH Heisman! "
Coach John Heisman 1895-99
Pat Sullivan 1971
Bo Jackson 1985
UPDATE: December 12, 21010
Cameron Newton 2010
YES we Cam!!!
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Mmm said...

firelight, glad yo made it in come for some hot croissants now being served for breakfast and an early lunch. Thank you so much for your contribution, however brief. It's always delightful to see you. :)

Mmm said...

you attire, btw, most casual and wonderfully warm and at the same time distinctly stylish in its own right. Sensible gal! :)

Cait O'Connor said...

Lovely old pic, one of the men reminds me of my son!

Rowan said...

What a ghreat photograph. I watched the film of Cameron Newton he looks quite a player! I watch American football every week on TV, having NE connections I'm a Patriots fan:) I take it Cameron plays college football rather than NFL? We get college football on EPNS America so I must look out for him.
Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the Advent calendar, it's absolutely brilliant!!

FireLight said...

Mmm, I was so disappointed that I did not have the whole day to "dash off to Scotland" here! The Fates and the power company were not kind....I never got to change into my dressier clothes....I had reserved one of those lovely Oleana sweater snd taffeta skirt ensembles that I adore.....ahhh.....I DID however sleep well! {smiles}
Thanks to the magic of cyber events...I can spend time all week reading and enjoying all the details of your very special one of my all time favorite countries!

Cait, my older son....who is also named Cameron...had this photo made up into a special 1999 Christmas card. He owns an original copy of the photograph.
I love the faces!

Rowan, there is much speculation that Cam Newton is a strong contender for the much coveted Heisman trophy...which is the honor of being the best college player of the year. I live about three blocks from campus, and I did attend AU for two degrees. So, I guess I must admit I am a fan!
Glad you enjoyed the link...and yes...the Advent Calendar is such a joy. I share it each day with my students! I am so hapy you like it!

Tess Kincaid said...

This is a marvelous photo. I love how each of their personalities are oozing from the image. Best of luck to Cameron Newton!

FireLight said...

Tess! So good to see you here...I have been missing everyone so much, and on the day I wanted most to just read and enjoy--yesterday--we had a major power outage in my neighborhood due to high winds and a few huge oak limbs...for over twelve hours!
This phot is so classic--I am really drawn to their expressive!

Marilyn said...

What a wonderful photo, I love studying all the facial expressions and body poses. Just great.

Derrick said...

Hello FireLight!! The gentleman with the ball (dark shirt) has such a wistful look. Always so much character in these old photographs. Sorry to hear about your power problems. Make yourself a nice warm cuppa! (Fancy Rowan being such a football fan!)

Nancy said...

I'm not a follower of football but I hope your Cameron Newton won. I do like the photo you posted. They young men's poses do all look so casual.


love the casualness of them all. young guys like that didn't go much for formality, i guess...
i love football, and my hometeam recently won the canadian series, bringing home the GREY cup!!
hurray for montreal!!

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