Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Bustle in the House...

The Bustle in a House

The Morning after Death

Is solemnest of industries

Enacted upon Earth—

The Sweeping up the Heart

And putting Love away

We shall not want to use again

Until Eternity.

Emily Dickinson

The face that said, "Will I ever feel better?"
The Colonel made these photos late Wednesday afternoon. He took numerous frames, and in the header above is his masterpiece. For a moment, the sunlight and cool air and time with dad, masked all the weakness and pain.

Underneath that beautiful coat were frail bones and shortness of breath as the ALL
(acute lymphoblastic leukemia) rapidly took its toll.
It was only last week, May 12th, that she was diagnosed.

Wednesday evening, we took Gracie to her vet, and had her put to sleep. Thursday morning, the Colonel and I went downstairs only to fall into the deep hole left behind where she had filled our hearts with her morning greetings in the kitchen. We survived that first morning only to return from work in the evening to the lead reality that she would never again be there with face smiling, tail wagging, and big paw patting us on the leg. It has been sad in this house. It is the price one pays for loving a pet so very much. However, in comparison to all that she gave to us in love, laughter, and joy, the grief is a small price indeed.

As the school year marched on, I had promised myself that I would get in at least one post per month. When I posted about Gracie's tenth birthday last month, I had no idea she was the least bit ill. Every day we can claim health, love, and life is a gift.


Maggie May said...

I"m sorry you lost your Gracie.

~T~ said...

She is feeling better now, isn't she? My condolences.

Hollace said...

I'm so very sorry. I know there will be an empty feeling for a long time. The header picture is truly beautiful. Her coat is gorgeous.

Tess Kincaid said...

I am so very sorry to hear this sad, sad news. I'd like to think that Gracie is frolicking in the great beyond with my dear Ralphy and Beau. Love to you and yours, dear friend.

Catfish Tales said...

"However, in comparison to all that she gave to us in love, laughter, and joy, the grief is a small price indeed."

Such beautiful words. :(

And I think that says it all about every chance we take with our ability to reach out and draw another being close to us, whether human or animal. Even my fish I'm attached to. I'm hopeless that way.

A lovely, heartwarming blog. Do take care.

Becky.Sue.Parsons said...

So, so sorry to hear about your loss. Those photos are so precious and beautiful!

Rowan said...

I'm so very sorry to hear of Gracie's passing, it's a path I've walked myself several times and it's a very hard road to travel.

Janelle Goodwin said...

So sorry to hear about dear Gracie. She must have been a wonderful companion.

Country Girl said...

I am reading this with a heavy heart. I saw the magnificent header photo and you are right - he captured her with joy in her eyes and a light in her heart.
I know well the grief and the emptiness left when a beloved pet passes away. I am so sorry.
You found the perfect poem for this post. xoxo

Aven said...

I am so very sorry to hear about Gracie. She was a sweet girl. Your beautiful words do her justice.

Blessed Be.

cathy said...

Marnie, all of the photos are beautiful, just like our girl. I will never forget that Gracie hugged me the Sunday before. Our loss is great; our hearts are heavy. Who rescued whom, you ask. I know well the answer to that questions. Our animal babies save us. Love, Cathy, Paul, and Hayes

Tom Atkins said...

I am sorry to hear of your loss. The saying is that that they are like family, but the truth is they ARE family. You picked the absolute perfect poem for the moment.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

My heart breaks for you! Gracie was a beautiful dog, her intelligence and love simply shine through her eyes.

Madge said...

There is nothing like the love and bond between dog and the human heart... sorry for your loss. We had our last best friend Candy put to sleep on March 18... the grief was deep and the house was too empty... so we adopted a new best friend Lucy, she has made the loss bearable...

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