Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It’s the Good Old Summer Time!


 It's the Good Old Summer Time!
What have you been doing to keep cool? I have been remembering the days before air conditioning and ice makers. Sue ( on the left) and I filled up the ice trays, enjoyed long slices of watermelon, and when all else failed, we went to the creek. Please come and enjoy a salad supper, iced tea, some good old fashioned summer memories, and the best gossip in town! Oh, yes, if you bring your swimsuit, I'll turn on the sprinkler!
July 29, 2011
6:30 PM Central Lightning Bug Time
Graystone Cottage

 This is my latest invitation for my Women's Night Out group.  I have used an old photo taken by my brother.  This creek is near my childhood home. It was quite a trek to creep down the walls of the deep ravine to Lost Creek, but the cool air and sounds of the running water and the chorus of bird song  are a permanent and glorious page in my book of memories. 

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

Drapes drawn, iced water and a wet handkerchief tied around my throat. It's still pretty dang hot though!

FireLight said...

Bless you, Thistle Cove! I have to say this heat is a bit too much!

Tess Kincaid said...

I absolutely loved playing in the sprinkler. This photo is just amazing; it has such a lovely ethereal quality. (note the use of the semicolon) :)

Rowan said...

A great photo and a great way to stay cool. I certainly don't envy you the heat and humidity of your summer days. The few days of that sort that we DO get in the UK I usually close all the blinds and curtains and stay indoors. Going to the creek would be much more fun thoigh:)

R. J. said...

That's a beautiful reminder of the creek where we swam as children. Without air conditioning, we had to make other arrangements like getting used to the heat and electric fans. That is my parents' cue to say they didn't even have electricity for fans. This summer I will enjoy the air conditioning and drink my coffee.

Betsy said...

What a lovely invitation! Playing in the sprinkler was a summer tradition in my family. And your photo is just lovely. Pass the iced tea, please! :)

Country Girl said...

What a perfectly wonderful invitation. The photo is almost surreal. I love it.

How lucky you were to have this special place in which to cool off. I remember complaining of the heat now and then but luckily we always belonged to a community swim club, or went to the beach.

Campbell Kids said...

Love the photo and what a fun idea that would be - a creek party!



My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

i see TEDDY !!!!! how adorable.... so happy to see this...thanks for stopping by farmhouse kitchen..always a pleasure to see you, my friend

i love nancy thomas too..

enjoyed reading the summertime post

sending love,
kary and teddy

A Brush with Color said...

Lovely photo and reminiscence. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and jotting me a note. That was very kind of you. My mother and I were both English teachers, so it's good to find a kindred spirit!

Anonymous said...

Love your photo, so vintage looking!

Nathan Smock said...

Loved the photo. At first I thought it was a painting.

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