Sunday, June 7, 2009

By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea...

Here is our 2009 Seaside address: Ivy Cottage. It is one of a very few rentals which is pet friendly. The sweetest Golden Retriever ever and his mom & dad are my hosts here on Tupelo Street. (Click on any photo to enlarge!)

The Gulf of Mexico is just one block away. I took these photos looking toward the east just after 4:00 P.M. CST from the Tupelo Street Beach Pavilion. The green flag was posted (safe waters) and the air was just warm not hot with a wonderful soothing breeze.

Here, I am looking toward the west. Almost center in the foreground is the storage hut for a section of the blue umbrellas and chairs which are set up each morning by 10:00 and taken up each evening by 5:30. You can look westward down the beach, and they go one for nearly a mile.

Just a few minutes from our door is the Tupelo Beach Pavilion. There is a WC & shower on either side where you see the windows with a lovely, breezy sitting area inside. Where a street travels due south to the beach, there is usually a very distinctive pavilion leading to the beach named for the street.

Cathy & I love to sit here early in the morning when the beach has no umbrellas. I bring my tea; she brings her coffee. We make a good effort at uncovering the mysteries of life and and counting our blessings, which are many.

This is the pavilion from beach side as we descend to the sand.

Looking west on the beach...

The unspoken rules: get your toes in the sand as soon as possible; leave your shoes and cares behind!

Some carefree toes and white sand and emerald water...

Introducing Jake! Everyone who stops to meet Jake has to spend time playing Throw Jake's Frisbee! He was bringing it straight to me!

The houses and streets of Seaside are woven together with an intimate network of wonderful nearly hidden, narrow footpaths.

Here's the yellow house just to the left of the above path.

Inside Modica Market at town center, if you need it for your kitchen, it's here!Did you see the movie The Truman Show? It was filmed at Seaside.
Willow, here is Vera Bradley's Inn by The Sea!
I thought I heard it calling your name, my dear!

Front porch of Inn by the Sea

This a little section of Seaside which includes an old
fashioned styled motor court.

This is the Tupelo Gazebo on the circle just outside our cottage. The little girl just visible to the right was flitting around with a butterfly net.
It was nearing sunset and time to settle in for dinner and reading tonight. I hope you got your toes in the sand and had a chance to feel the sun.


Rowan said...

What a fabulous place this looks, a wonderful beach and pretty houses and lots of sunshine - just about perfect I'd say.

Derrick said...

Not trying to make us jealous by any chance, FireLight??!!

Looks great. Have a super time.

Country Girl said...

Oh, how wonderful! Your vacation is off to a good start. I hope you make wonderful memories and come home rested and content. You've worked hard all school year!
Mine begins when I leave school this Friday. I only have a week, but am looking forward to heading to the same general location as you are now. We're visiting friends. And maybe going to the beach.

Maggie May said...

Very relaxing to see. Jake looks just like our Golden, Bodie.

FireLight said...

Rowan, it is just about perfect, which is what made it the setting for the movie. There are three pools, a croquet lawn, a fabulous booksotre, and live concerts in an outdoor amphitheatre several nights each week.

Derrick, heavens no, but I AM trying to remember how to spell. I have corrected some of my late night errors! What I learned from doing this post: How to spell P A V I L I O N! Sometimes I think these posts grow errors overnight! (smiles)

Country Girl, if you take a route via I-85, please let me know! Sorry I will miss a chance to get some photography tips from you! I have found the perfect frames for the photos I ordered from your sale a few weeks ago.

Maggie Mae, I just told Jake has has a look alike in California! So please tell Bodie that fact made his tail wag with joy!

Michael said...

Great post M, of course I am not in the least Love the photos too, very beachy, if that makes sense.
Enjoy those precious days....I have to wait until September for my trip to central Portugal......

willow said...

I'm not just envious, I am just plain green!!! What a perfectly charming little cottage. Everything looks so fresh and clean. Wish I was there! I love the sea.

Thanks for including VB's Inn! :^)

Lyn said...

What a lovely place to be..and I'd like to run into Jake!

Cait O'Connor said...

I would love to be there, it looks perfect. I love the sea

Virginia said...

WEll I see many many fine shadow shots here. How could i choose just one to love? Thank you again for a delicious lunch and time spent together today! Ain't bloggin' grand!!!!

PS Bravo on your photos. I love Seaside too. BTW, which bank did you have to rob to pay for the groceries at Modica??HA

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