Monday, June 15, 2009

Flickering Light

Hello everyone. In an effort to teach myself one more task of creating blogs, I guess you might say I needed the help of the Fairie Folk! I confess I have long been a believer. I think it all started with a fascination of lightning bugs as we called fireflies in the South. Then of course, I must mention Mr. Barrie's Tinkerbell. My brother, who was the oldest of my three siblings, and my sister Sue, once staged a marvelous visitation of Tink to my bedroom with the aid of a small mirror, a flash light, and a tiny sleigh bell. Sue woke me in the night to say, "Look! Wake up Tinkerbell has just flown into the room." Indeed the window was open, and a dazzling dainty light was flitting all about the room and responding with a faint, shy jingle when I asked was she ok, was she with Peter Pan, was she lost, and told her that I was glad she came to my room! I must not forget the the 1935 black and white film of Midsummer Nights Dream starring a 17 year old Mickey Rooney as a very convincing Puck! (That is Olivia deHaviland as Hermia in the photo. James Cagney plays Bottom the Weaver!) I saw the movie years ago as a child. I was totally enchanted. Then of course, whenever the lightning bugs appear for the first time each year in late May, I am convinced once more that fairies are alive and well in my garden!
A few years ago, I was listening to Thistle & Shamrock on NPR when this Christy Moore song seemed to capture the the magic of the natural & fairy world. It is worth a listen. You may want to go to the site and read the lyrics too if you have time!

Here goes my very first time to have a YouTube link at The Keeping Room! (No video...just listen if you want to know what the fairies dance to!)

How about you? Do you believe in fairies? Before you say no, check out a film named FAIRY TALE: A TRUE STORY!


Gaston Studio said...

I definitely believe in fairies but have never seen one; something I would like to do before I go.

Tom Atkins said...

Fairies as the story tale version? Who knows. What I do know is that there are so many things we don't know, and that is what spawns our imagination to write tales, make movies, paint our vision.... Sometimes I think it's (it being all the mysteries in life) part of God's plot to keep us creative. Not knowing, we make stuff up!

Lyn said...

I believe in the whole spectrum of human thinking..what's true for me remains..magic, spirit, soul..sprites in a garden flashing yes and no...I never need to prove anything, do I?
Creativity is proof enough!

Derrick said...

Hello FireLight,

Welcome home! Obviously, those sultry summer nights have set your mind to wanderin'! I can imagine the wonder of that little girl with Tinkerbell in her bedroom. Nothing wrong with holding on to that.

FireLight said...

Gaston, be sure to find the movie, or at least read the synopsis, and you will know you are not alone!
Tom, I like your link to God. Once upon a time, a woman communing with fairies could have been accused as a witch! (Or maybe she just had red hair! Yikes!) This is just more proof of your point: Not knowing, we make stuff up!
Lyn, I hear a line of poetry: Magic, spirit, soul...sprites in a garden flashing yes and no....Lovely!
Derrick, yes I am home and observing my beloved lightning bugs each evening. Apparently the species does not thrive near the Gulf! They prefer the thick growth of shrubs and wisteria, ivy, and lord knows what else...yes, even fairies.

Michael said...

I did try to post early this morning, but to no avail........congrats on your first Youtube post M. It fits right in with the spirit of your blog...and where would Shakespeare be if faeries didn't exist. Answer me that nay
Stay well.

willow said...

Every Christmas Eve, after we had gone to bed, I would ring a little set of jingle bells, I kept hidden in my dresser drawer. My little sister actually thought it was Santa for many years!

We also had the best time making tiny fairy houses out of twigs and moss. Very realistic ones. Fond memories.

Linda said...

I believe in fairies...... clap, clap, clap. Your blog is inspiring.

Wildeve said...

I'm a believer! I love the Tinkerbell story, what a sweet memory for you. My sister and I watched the Mickey Rooney version of "A Midsummer Nights Dream" about a month ago... it was delightful!

Rowan said...

I thought I'd commented on this post but maybe I only thought about it:) As far as I'm concerned 'there are more things in heaven and earth' and I think J R R Tolkien was close with his ideas of the Fair Folk. I am aware very, very occasionally of having other company when I am in the woods or in a particular place by a local small river but it is very rare.

Country Girl said...

I believe! They lived in our bushes where I grew up in Margate, NJ! And I think it's absolutely adorable that your siblings staged that visit from Tinkerbell. Wonderful!

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