Monday, June 22, 2009

Mugs on Monday

This was a Mother's Day gift this year from my older son and his wife. It is so full of whimsey! I am always saying , "Now when I have my sheep farm in the Dales...." I have been having my tea in it every morning this summer!

Let's just say I miss the tots who once drank from these!
Can you name some of the characters featured here?

These Lord & Lady Celtic mugs are the work of Pamela Kohler-Camp.

I discovered her several years ago at the Alabama Highland Games in Montgomery. Her studio, AND SARAH LAUGHED, is located at Stone Mountain Georgia. I really love her work.
Click on images to enlarge!
This is mug I use quite regularly. This series of mugs featured the names of the three Shakespeare plays of the repertory season. Turn the mug and you will see Love's Labour's Lost and The Merchant of Venice were the other two plays .

During the first twelve years of the ASF productions, a single mug was commissioned for each play. I did not get one for every play, but I think I may have a dozen of these. I regret that these do not include the year.
Can you name the plays?

I was fortunate enough to visit the Globe in London during the summer of 2000. I was always sorry I did not get a mug. Several years later, my younger son was there and knew exactly what to bring home to his English teacher mom. Study the image? Can you name the play?

During the summer of 1989, I participated in an NEH seminar taught at Oxford. As part of the course we would travel to significant locations related to the writer and his works which we had studied during the week.
I purchased two of these: one for me and one for a dear friend and colleague who had done his doctoral dissertation on this writer.
This mug had been designed and produced for a big event which had been held in the town during the previous summer.
Can you guess the purpose of the event? Or can you name the chapel and town featured on the other side of the mug?


I am not sure I understand this meme business for Mug Monday. Am I to feature another mug next Monday? Or was this a one week event? Willow? Acorn Moon, or Weaver of Grass? Help me out.


willow said...

I think it's a one time event. At least I hope so, because I just posted nearly all my mugs in one fell swoop!

Is the Shakespeare mug Henry V?

Last mug, St. Michael's, East Coker?

Wonderful mugs. I especially like the Kohler-Camps!

Derrick said...

Hi FireLight,

I thought this was a mug showing and here you have a quiz!! I shall happily accept Willow's answers. How about Midsummer Night's Dream for the red one? and Merry Wives of Windsor, the green?

And, yes, I think this is a one off event until someone comes up with another crockery idea! Not sure what more you would like to know about the calligraphy mugs in my post? Do tell.

FireLight said...

Willow & Derrick, I added a few more mugs after you stopped by as I had made quite a few photos last night.
Yes, it is Saint Michael's Church in East Coker. This is the title of one of the poems in THE FOUR QUARTETS. No, not Henry V, but a reasonable guess based on the image.
Derrick, see the note to you on my sidebar

Lyn said...

This day has been a very special treat..I love the"tot" mugs!!
When any of my mugs chip or crack, I usually plant an avocado pit in them..with success!

Derrick said...

Hurray! An educated guess, not my intimate knowledge of Wills words! As for the tots mugs, I don't know who wore the tam o'shanter unless it was Tam Tittlemouse? Flopsy, MOPSY and Cottontail and Jemima Puddleduck? You will have our little grey cells shrivelling!

Alaine said...

The celtic mugs are my faves. In the past I've used a favourite chipped or handleless mug as a pen/pencil holder on my desk. It gets another life!

Linda said...

I love your Beatrix Potter mugs. I have the Peter Rabbit mug and my sister has the Jemima Puddleduck mug. Your quiz was interesting. I enjoyed your whimsey mug the best! It looks like the kind of mug that fits neatly in a warm hand grip. =D

FireLight said...

Linda, my shepherd mug is huge with a sturdy handle. Odd too, when I was snapping the photo, my camera insisted on NOT flashing as it had on all other mug photos. It was a slow exposure and I could not hold the camera it is a bit the sheep! I just tried to get the dog, the sheperd, and one sheep in the photo. My son took his wife to Disney World when he returned from Iraq last March. They found it in "England" at Epcot.
I have one other Beatrix Potter mug (it's actually mine) Miss Tiggy Winkle! I adore those stories. I require my students in speech to read one book of the collection aloud to the class as one of he early warm-up assignments each year. They get to choose from my complete set! They love it!






Rowan said...

I'm wondering whether the Shakespeare mug is Richard lll? 'A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse'? And the Tam O'Shanter has Benjamin Bunny underneath it:) Mr Tod is walking with Jemima Puddleduck I think. Great idea to add a little quiz to your post.

acornmoon said...

Hi Firelight, nice to meet you. The Mug Monday idea was just a one off, a bit of fun really nothing more and I was unable to add you to the list as I only got your comment today, Tuesday. I went to bed early and because of the time zones we missed each other!

Thanks for joining in and showing us your mugs, I love the Celtic ones the best I think, although I do have a weakness for Beatrix Potter and Shakespeare.

FireLight said...

Rowan, yes it is a mug for Richard III! The other side of it features an image of the Globe. (I do have one of the older mugs from ASF for Richard III.) And yes, it is none other than Benjamin Bunny and Tod on the children's mugs.

Aornmoon, I am still learning. I actually came back and added a few more pictures as others inidcated it was to be a one day event. This was a great fun. Thank you for the idea!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hi - thanks for visiting my blog. I love all of your mugs - yes it is a one off - I am partial to the "foxy whiskered gentleman with black prick ears and sandy whiskers" - and yes - Border Terriers were the dogs Alf Wight favoured. They seem to always be popular with vets. Do call and see me again.

willow said...

Ah, yes! Richard III. I knew it had to be one of those "king plays". teehee. Fun, FireLight!!

Linda said...

I think the Beatrix Potter tales appeal to the gardening spirit in us. The first time I saw the books I was visiting a friend for the first time (I was 9 years old, I think) and she had the whole collection! After that, I kept asking for them for Christmas and birthdays. About the shepherd mug, that sheep to the right of the farmer has an amazing smile. The smiles alone warm you up even before you get to the liquid in the cup! Thank you for your thoughtful comments concerning the people of Ontario. "Sheepish" smiles all around!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

TOO Adorable...LOVE the sheep farmer mug! Please, may I give you an award? If yes, please visit Thistle Cove Farm to pick up.

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