Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another First...and more from D.S. Pearson

A new azalea...

A very close closeup of my woolly thyme....such delicate tiny leaves

And the peppermint ivy leaf geranium....

A fairy boy in the purple pansies...

Peppermint petals of an ivy leaf geranium...

A few more peppermints...

An ancient azalea shrub blooming once again...

These are my first digital blooms! I have been practicing today.
(Click on any photo to enlarge. The thyme is especially detailed up close!)


Here are few more poems from my dear friend....D.S. Pearson
There is a full moon tonight...
The ashen surface of the moon
mocks me as it glides
across the night
It knows me...
this ancient thing.
Barefoot in the wee hours of the morning
I listen to the darkness
the turning of the earth
rush westward
Robins sleep...
and dogs sit patiently
beside me


Rowan said...

Nice poems especially the second one. I saw the full moon last night in a lovely clear sky. I must look for a peppermint scented leaf geranium, I didn't know there was such a scent. I have rose scented ones and have come across other scents too but not peppermint. The pink azalea in the last photo is lovely.

Michael said...

Good morning FireLight. Great photographs, your Spring is so well advanced. I like the azalea especially.

Derrick said...

Hello FireLight,

It is hard to believe that you have all these flowers in bloom! Looks like your photography practice went well! I also like the second poem.

FireLight said...

Rowan, the peppermint only describes the red and white petals. There are scented geraniums, but this is not one. The poet and I have decided that going outdoors with our dogs is always an oppotunity to observe the skies. I love studying the moon.

Michael, I wanted to include some wisteria, but most clusters were already shedding petals, and my dogwoods were finished off by the recent rains. The white blossoms are all over the ground and driveway. For more azaleas, click on Callaway Gardens in my Favorite Haunts side bar.

Derrick, we have had a beautiful spring. This last rush of cold air early in the week is probably the end of it. Before long we will be complaining of the heat.

willow said...

Wow! Your macro flower shots are gorgeous!!! It must be much warmer down there. We had freeze warnings this week with a low of 28 one night. Soon for us, though!

Virginia said...

Bravo for your photography work! We both posted George Tabor azaleas today. Keep up the good work. I'll help you if I can.

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