Monday, April 6, 2009

My Very First Meme!

Well, here we go! I saw this one Saturday at Willow's and thought I would give it a whirl!

What is your current obsession?

Learning to draw portraits & learning to use the Nikon digital properly...

Which item from your closet are you wearing most often?
Stegmann felt clogs...soft and woolly

What's for dinner?
Willow's New Millennium Salmon Patties (see her November 8, 2008 post)
I am planning to serve them Friday!

Last thing you bought?
Not counting groceries....
A pair of unusual alarm clocks for the Colonel and me. I found these on the way to seeking a clock for this site. The company is called VOCO - Clocks that talk ....a lot! They make a clock named Jeeves in a Box! (Steven Fry is the voice of course). They are named Good Morning Madam & Good Morning Sir! The, phrases are amazing! And seemingly endless! And hilarious! "Good morning Sir. Sorry to disturb you , but it appears to be morning. I know, very inconvenient. Something to do with the rotation of the earth, I believe."

What are you listening to?
Right now? Two ticking clocks! Oh, music? Abby Newton/cello Castles, Kirks, & Caves: Scottish Music of the 18th Century

Say something to the person who tagged you.
Willow, has the Center for Disease Control learned about this rampant spread of blog-o-monia resulting in the transmutation of PMS to PSS: permanently smiling syndrome?

Reading right now? P. G. Wodehouse

Four words to describe yourself:
I was going to say.....loyal, gregarious, inquisitive.....
but these last four words are most accurate: a real gone cookie!!

Guilty pleasure:

Doing what I WANT TO DO.....not what needs doing.....

Favorite vacation spot?
In the U.S. Seaside, Florida on the Gulf Coast (The Truman Show was filmed there).
In England.....the countryside....Yorkshire & City of Oxford

What is your favorite stringed instrument?

First spring thing?
Azaleas! A drive through Callaway Gardens, Georgia (Click on the link under Favorite Haunts.)

Best thing you ate or drank lately?
Small rack of lamb with mushrooms & sauteed spinach at The Basil Leaf in LaGrange, Georgia (last Friday)
Guenoc Victorian Claret....very recently ....I mean very

What spring flower are you most eager to see?
Native mountain laurel

Care to share some wisdom?
"Good manners are always in style." my mother

Answer questions on your blog.
Drop one question, then add a new one.
If you are reading this, you are tagged!
(unless of course you are Willow or a follower thereof.....)
Does that make you a Willower?

I am adding a rule: Enjoy!!!


Rowan said...

I like the sound of that Jeeves in a Box clock! I love Jeeves and Wooster and have always thought that Stephen Fry is the perfect Jeeves.

Derrick said...

Me again FireLight!

Your world seems to be full of fun, good food and drink AND Scotland!!! The clocks sound hilarious! Perhaps they'll keep you awake, waiting for the next phrase?!

French Fancy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
French Fancy said...

I deleted because I mentioned that you needed a Followers button and then of course I saw it as soon as I put my comment - silly me.

Your blog looks so pretty

FireLight said...

Rowan, I really love the books and the series. Check out the clocks. Just google voco jeeves in a box. How rude of me madam, not to have a link here. I have not yet polished that skill.

Derrick, oh Scotland of course! Since my dream is to LIVE there, I could not count it as a vacation spot! Naturally you are learning of my life outside of my is spring break for me...though the low last night was near freezing!!! Brrrrr!!! I love it! glad you came by...I really enjoyed seeing the Bichons lounging on the sofa. Have them stop by to meet Gracie. She is featured on my March 14 post-only number two We poetry and dog lovers have a way of finiding one another.

Michael said...

Good afternoon lovely to learn some more about the real gone cookie behind the teacher....grinning.
I, of course have my very own Jeeves...I wish!
Enjoy your spring break....

Virginia said...

Fun peeking into your world! I'll pass on the meme, although I love getting them from friends, my plate is too full at the moment. Like yours isn't! ha

Sandra Leigh said...

FireLight, you've created a beautiful blog. It brings to mind a little jewelry box, full of small, shining things.

I'm pleased to see that you love Oxford. I visited there for the first time, last fall. We traveled by narrowboat from Reading to Oxford and back. I fell instantly in love with the city. My husband nearly had to drag me away!

L. Rochelle said...

Stopped by because of the informative's the meme Willow the mother of us all?? Loved your themes, and your blog...Jeeves and Bertie, what's better?
Tried the meme also...

willow said...

Was April 6 really tartan day? I've never heard of it! I should have posted on it! We're so into tartans and bagpipes here at WM.

Now I've got the worst craving for lamb! It's now on my grocery list. mmmmm.

willow said...

Oh...heehee...I just went back and read your rules. That gave me a giggle!

FireLight said...

Dear Willow...It is dangerous for me to to be loose in the world...I just happened to be listening to one of the morning talk shows...the Today show I think, when someone mentioned it. Now, I have been going to the Alabama Highland Games in Montgomery for years on the grounds of the ASF (see favorite haunts on the right) and not once had I ever heard of this! (I wasn't quite ready for the Meme Post...I am having all sort of trouble learning how to position a series of photos next to text, etc etc...but I will figure it out soon enough.) So....I thought I would use the tartans I had from researching them recently for a wedding and do the sidebar features. I love tartans and their history. You DO THAT POST, Guuuuuhhhrl!...I will love it!

Tom Atkins said...

P.G. Wodehouse! It's been forever since I read him, but I suddenly have this urge....

FireLight said...

Act on it, Tom. I have been laughing all weekend! Have you ever seen the series with Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie? Not too much is lost in translation from book to screen! It is the usual top notch BBC production! The music and graphics for the opening are worth the effort.

willow said...

Me, back again after reading your comment over at Derrick's place. I was such a huge fan of Princess Diana's, too! I subscribed to Royalty Monthly magazine, I was up in the wee hours of the morning watching the Royal Wedding and also weeping with the millions watching her funeral.
Were you able to see the traveling exhibit of her wedding dress and gowns? Exquisite. I used to dream that the two of us were fast friends. I know...I know...I'm a kook.

FireLight said...

I used to get Majesty, so you are not alone! I did the same thing on her wedding was magical. The next time I go back to England, I want to go to Althorp. No, I did not get to see that, sad to say. I did read about them and the auction. I had a friend who lived in NY at the time of the auction. She went just to see the gowns.

When I try to teach students about Westminster Abbey, and remind them of her funeral, even my seniors now remember watching it with their moms crying. We are not likely to see anyone like her again.

The Clever Pup said...

Hi I loved reading your list. I have a thing for Jeeves and Wooster too. I really liked your profile as well. Thanks for putting me on to those Jeeves clocks.

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