Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Horse, A Horse, My Classroom for a Horse!

This little mare gets the Good Citizenship Award for her part in today's annual open house at Auburn University's School of Veterinarian Medicine. Students painted the skeletal structure to educate and create interest for the many youngsters who visited the stables today. Naturally, this was one of my favorite stops!

Inside the stables of the Bartlett Lameness Arena, I spent a while petting and getting to know the school's resident Clydesdale mare, Chloe. Her stable girl, barely evident to the left in the photo, was a dainty 5'3" tall. She very graciously agreed to open the stall door so I could get a quick picture of Chloe's sweet face. Even for a large draft horse, I think she had very delicate features accented with her big brown eyes. I am sure she garnered a few recruits. (Click on AU photos to enlarge.)

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a veterinarian. In college my interests in theatre and English prevailed. However, I am not the the frustrated writer who became an English teacher, but the frustrated vet who loves language and literature.
Tell me. What did YOU want to be when you grew up?

Note: I took all the new photographs TODAY! The header, the North Wind plaque, is mounted on a huge oak in our back garden. I am thanking him for our cool air.


Sandra Leigh said...

I wonder what that poor little mare thought when the students were painting her. It's amazing that she stood still for it.

I wanted to be a nun. I'm not.

Virginia said...

I wanted to be Debbie Reynolds. I'm not either.

Great post. I'm sending to my friend who's in Vet School at AU but in New Zealand doing some kind of internship. She'll love your photos and I do too. You go girl!!!

Rowan said...

What a good idea to paint the skeletal frame on the little mare, it's beautifully done and I shouldn't think that she minded. The Clydesdale is lovely, I've always loved the big working horses especially the Suffolk Punch. As for what I wanted to be - exactly what I am, from being a little girl I only ever wanted to be a housewife and mother.

Derrick said...

Hello FireLight,

Glad you had an enjoyable day. I'm rather ill- at-ease around horses, so I wouldn't have joined in! Lovely pictures though, especially the North Wind. How do you know that's who it is?

And I really can't think what I wanted to be when I grew up! I didn't even know when I was 15!! I'm not sure I've found out yet!

FireLight said...

Derrick, I bought Old North from a personal friend who has a small antiques, garden oranments, and estate sales busines about 12 years ago. It was new and the name was written on the back. Because the summer can be so stifling hot and humid in Alabama. I enjoy having him visible as a reminder of cool and even cold blasts from the North. Believe it or not, that IS a color photo...the only colors visible are the gray bark and plaque. I caught a side angle of him with a bit of greenery in the background and have added it to my side bar.
I know what you mean; I feel like a five year old when I am spending time with my pets.

FireLight said...


Michael said...

Chloe looks to be a real lady, aren't they wonderful creatures? Sadly the art of schooling them and looking after them is yet another skill that is dying out slowly here.
I still wake in the morning thinking about what I'm going to be when I grow up - I'm a lost cause Marnie.
Great blog, thank you.

Michael said...

Well blow me down if I didnt see this place on TV last evening, I thought you might find it interesting. Cheers for now.

FireLight said...

Thanks! I am off to have a look!

L. Rochelle said...

Such wonderful detail on the little mare, what a great model she is! I'm never near horses and I know I'm missing something.
Grow up to be? A dancer....maybe in my next life!

david mcmahon said...

The skeletal structure was a great idea. Let's make no bones about it!!

Country Girl said...

I knew as soon as I saw her that Chloe was indeed a Clydesdale, yet it's true about her delicate features. What an excellent teaching idea, painting that skeletal system!
What I wanted to be was a teacher.
I'm ok with who I turned out to be, however. And I do work in a school, so all is good.

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